Our mission is to support our local community through good business practices, honest and hard work, sustainable actions and education. Good communities begin with good households. Let us help you grow some roots.


Hilary Bourassa
Principal Real Estate Broker
Direct: 971.207.0374

“Hilary is an honest and hard worker. If a home has issues, she has an inspector that will find the problems. If you can’t get a loan, she knows lending agents that work just as hard as she does. If the other agent is going to play hardball, she can bat it out of the park.”


Darcie Alexander
Principal Real Estate Broker
Direct: 971.227.8244

“I respect and admire Darcie’s dedication, and talent. She charmed us with her expertise, warmth and witty car conversation in between visits to homes. AND Darcie found us our dream home, saved us money, and exceeded all of our expectations in the process.”


Jessica Brunt
Real Estate Broker
Direct: 503.821.9533

“Jessica is a pleasure to be around, an extremely hard worker, and her knowledge of the market and process is above and beyond. Trust, superior knowledge and likability are what sets her apart from other agents. Anyone who has the chance to work with her is very lucky!”