“Darcie and Hilary managed the sale of my property under somewhat unusual circumstances. I was an out-of-town seller who couldn’t be present in person for any part of the sale. They mitigated this situation by being present on my behalf with contractors, my tenants, and other parties related to the sale. I couldn’t recommend these two more heartily for their level-headedness, professionalism, friendly and warm demeanor, market knowledge, and sound judgment. They turned a situation that could have been extremely stressful and costly into one that seemed just like a “regular” sale. Thank you, Darcie and Hilary!” – Teresa


“My wife and I were first-time homebuyers, and loved our experience with PDX Green Team. The agent we worked most closely with was Jessica, but we interacted with Sarah and Hilary as well…and they were all fantastic! Very patient, helpful and flexible. Portland has a very tough housing market for buyers these days, which leads to an often frustrating search. We couldn’t have hoped for better help navigating the complicated, but certainly rewarding road to buying a fantastic house here! The high level of expertise, honesty and low pressure assistance makes choosing PDX Green Team a no-brainer!” – David & Kristi


“LOVE THESE LADIES!!! Hilary & Darcie are awesome as is the whole Nest PDX team! I¹ve bought and sold many homes over the past 10 years and hands down working with these two was the easiest experience, ever. I moved here from out-of-state and working with them was more pleasant and seamless than my local moves. They really know the market, are ³on it² in every way and go to bat for their clients above and beyond expectations. In addition to so much knowledge, experience and contacts in the real estate field, they¹re both extremely nice, smart and very fun to hang out with! I¹m already planning on hiring them again…..Darcie and Hilary really are a “team” and reduced a lot of the stress  in our search for a house in Portland.  They understand the Portland market and were so helpful in navigating us through a hot real estate market.  Communication is so important in this kind of market, and both of these women were incredibly prompt in returning my text messages and phone calls.   I would definitely use them again and have no reservations in recommending them to others”– Sue


“We loved working with PDX Green team! They were ever available in this intense housing market and were wonderful guides through the sometimes very logistically and emotionally challenging process of finding and purchasing our home. What a job it is to help people on such a journey! Especially when things are snatched up so quickly and one needs to decide a potential future in often times less than an hour of time spent in a future home. Darcie, Sarah and Hilary were very attentive, were funny and fun to work with and helped us through the nitty gritty details in a smooth and easy way for a purchase that was done partially out of state. They were great representatives of Portland and being native to here that meant a lot to me. We have highly recommended them many times! ” – Anna & Chris


“Darcie and Hilary were terrific to work with as we bought our first home. Their attention to detail, dedication and comprehensive knowledge made sure we were well-represented and well-informed throughout the process. Not only that, but they knew what to look for that might need repairs or maintenance, a very helpful quality when buying an older home. In a competitive real estate market, we couldn’t imagine a better team to have on our side!” – Andrew & Michelle


“The entire home buying experience with Hillary and Darcie was so stress-free and like nothing that we expected. As first time home buyers your hear all these horror stories but our experience was wonderful and a lot of that can be attributed to having a great team to back you up. Hillary and Darcie individually and collectively were truly a pleasure to work with! My husband and I moved to Portland a couple of years before buying our first house and not having family in town could have made the process kind of scary but it helped to know that we could always count on Hillary and Darcie to look out for us. We are grateful for them both and would recommended them to anyone  who is looking to buy or sell a home!” – Sandra & Wesley


“Hilary and Darcie were there for us every step of the way. They were patient, professional, organized, knowledgeable and super fun to work with! They both gave us helpful advice and always looked out for our best interests — which was especially great given that we were first time buyers and quite clueless. We even had some issues with some home repairs that were not complete until after the close date — but Hilary and Darcie were still there for us and helped us figure everything out. I can’t recommend them enough!”– Dan & Alisa


“We have bought and sold homes through cities across the country and have been helped by some very good real estate agents in the past. In our experience, Hilary, Darcie and Sarah just operate on another level as individuals and as a team. Without a doubt, Hilary, Darcie and Sarah were the most helpful, involved, detail-oriented, supportive, knowledgeable, competent and responsive agents we’ve had the fortune to work with. They are warm, patient, calm, honest, ethical and set the tone early to help make the entire home-buying process smooth, controlled and relaxed throughout. The PDX Green Team and their selected associates took care of every single thing in an expert, yet personal manner. Had we been first-time buyers we could not have known how lucky we were to have found and collaborated with this awesome group. Needless to say we are very, very pleased with this team, our experience and wish others the same fortune.” – Lee & Caroline


“When I bought my home years ago, I was left thinking that a realtor’s primary function was to say “not possible” while finding the shortest road to a commission. Being a first time buyer, I thought this was par for the course. So when it came time to sell, even a glowing review wouldn’t have made much of a dent in my opinion of the process and its intermediaries. Results did sway me. Last August, my good friends had to move quickly out of state. PDX Green Team sold their house in 2 weeks. I figured at least I could minimize my exposure by contracting people who could get it done quickly. What a pleasant surprise it was first meeting Darcie, then Hilary. They are low key, patient, and normal. I immediately got the impression that doing right by me was their first concern. Their marketing is modern and efficacious. They give good advice regarding counteroffers and pricing. They make a confusing and tedious process much less so.  I have zero complaints and will be working with them again.” — Rich


“My husband and I do not have enough nice things to say about our real estate experience with Hilary and Darcie. First off, we decided to work with them based on all of their great reviews, and they not only lived up to our expectations, but exceeded them by far! We only had to look at houses for one day before we found “our house,” but it was all of the ups and downs in the weeks and months that followed that we really needed all of Hilary and Darcie’s expertise and support. Our house was a bank-owned property that had some paperwork issues stemming from the foreclosure. Both Hilary and Darcie worked super hard every day to make sure all of the issues with the home were being resolved, and despite our nervousness we eventually closed–almost 3 months after our offer was accepted. Our experiences with Hilary and Darcie were so good we have recommended them to all of our friends looking to buy a home, and we would not hesitate to work with them again should the situation arise!” – Danica & Josh


“It’s a strange thing to send an e-mail to people you’ve read about on Yelp, and ask them/trust them to be in charge of changing your life.  If the change is moving to a new city (say, on a different coast) and the people responding to your e-mail happen to be Hilary and Darcie, you are the luckiest person on earth. Via e-mail, phone, and my one-week visit to Portland, Hilary guided me through tough decisions; talked me out of choices that, in retrospect, would have been disastrous; got the legal and financial stuff done hitchlessly; and negotiated with, and cajoled, and got concessions from, some very difficult people (myself not excepted).  Whenever Hilary was going to be out of contact for more than a few hours, Darcie stepped in, completely up to speed and equally capable. Their attention to detail is staggering, their teamwork is uncannily seamless, their integrity is palpable.  They are honest, warm, down-to-earth people – so different from other realtors I’ve met that they must occasionally question their career choice.  I am so grateful that they do what they do, and that I was lucky enough to find them. The only downside of getting settled in my perfect new Portland home is that I don’t get to deal with these women on a daily basis.” — Joanne


“Darcie and Hilary made selling my house easier than I ever imagined!  We finally got it ready to list less than a month before our out of state wedding thinking that it would just sit there for a while before we’d have to do much.  We were wrong!  Well, wrong about it sitting there, at least.  They listed it on Friday and we had three offers on Sunday.  We actually got a little nervous at that point, expecting that things would get stressful with the wedding coming up.  However, Darcie and Hilary were totally on top of it and took care of everything, even finding and coordinating with contractors while we were away.  I was able to sign almost all of the paperwork online without worrying about printing, faxing, or going to offices until the closing.  They really are a completely seamless team.  We’ll absolutely use them when we’re ready to upgrade to our next house!” — Aimee & Adrian


“If I had to describe working with Hilary and Darcie in four (I couldn’t pick just three!) phrases they would be:  comfortable, fantastic team, knowledgeable, and on the ball.  Comfortable:  Right away I felt super comfortable with them, very friendly, kind, and just easy to get along with.  You automatically felt like they were on your team and had your best interests in mind. Fantastic Team:  Not only are they both seamless to work with, but they will surround you with a great team (mortgage brokers, home inspectors).  When I first met Hilary, one thing I remember very clearly is that she said is that one of the keys to a successful home buying experience is about putting together a good team.  I felt like they helped me do that, and it makes what can be stressful and time sensitive process  go very smoothly. Knowledgeable: They are not only super knowledgeable about the Portland market, but also great when looking at a home to see and point out things that you may not have noticed or thought about.  Being a first time home buyer, this was very helpful.  During my home inspection, Darcie was able to make sense of what the inspectors had noticed, and put it into terms / figures that were understandable to me, and help me digest what it all meant. On the Ball:  Working with Hilary and Darcie was so easy.  They made you feel like you were their only client, they would get back to you so quickly.  When I made an initial offer on a Friday night, Hilary got all the paperwork together no problem.  All in all, I couldn’t have imagined a better home buying experience, due in large part to how easy it was to work with Hilary and Darcie.  They are a fantastic team, but will also surround you with other fantastic teammates to make it as smooth of a process as possible! ” — Shannon


Hilary and Darcie are incredible. We recently closed on our first house and working with them was the best possible decision we could have made. We had some rough sailing in the process and looked at a lot of houses. These two were so amazing throughout. They treated us with respect, kindness and unparalleled professionalism the whole time. We always felt extremely well informed and well taken care of. We never had to wait on a response or answer from them, no matter when we called or emailed and no matter what it was about. They were so patient with us. We dragged them all over the place for months in our search. They were never pushy and always seemed to be looking out for us. And I know they really worked hard at some tough negotiations. They treated us not only as clients, but also as friends. I was glad to see them every time and they were both so great to be around. I’ve heard so many horror stories about realtors, and usually at best people say that they’re realtor was “okay”. I’ve never known anyone to have this good of an experience other than the people that told us about Hilary and Darcie. I have already recommended them to other people. So much so that I have said it would be a mistake to go with anyone else. They are truly the very best at what they do and clearly love doing it.” — Parker & Lindsay


“Darcie and Hillary were wonderful guides and supports for us through our first time home buying experience.  They are prompt at returning phone calls and emails and were super helpful during our entire transaction.  Every one of our questions were answered.  They are so professional and also manage to be fun, easy going, and just great to hang out with!  We couldn’t have done it without these two wonderful women.  We will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and loved ones who are looking for housing in Portland.  Thank you so much!” Arne & Lyndi


“I just want to say thank you for an amazing home-buying experience. I appreciate your patience as i figured out the perfect neighborhood…..and then finally found the perfect home! Your prompt responses to my millions of questions and limitless availability to schlep me all over town in the search will never be forgotten! I am also so thankful for your advocating for me once the offer was in, and all of your referrals were fantastic (even the contractor…….Hilary, thanks for laying down the law in my absence – I think every crack in the entire house is now covered with caulking!).” Lauren


“Hilary sold my second home in Oregon in 3 months!!! I live in another state, never met her and we did all the transactions on the internet. THEN, when we had to sign the papers at the end, a notery person came to our house, at our convience, and it took 15 minutes. WOW! It doesn’t get any easier than that! Hilary stayed in touch with me throughout the transaction, gave us wonderful advise, and was so very nice! Her partner Darcie was wonderful too!” Shermane


“Darcie and Hilary were great to work with. They answered every email and phone call (no matter how small or large) thoroughly and efficiently. They both have great advice when presented with a “first time home buyer” question or dilemma and work tirelessly to help you get an answer if they do not have one. They are great to have on your side and work very well as a team.” Amy & James


“Darcie and Hilary were our miracle-workers on both ends of the real estate transaction. They helped us sell an older home that required a lot of post-inspection work. This was a very stressful process with multiple steps and they were always on top of it – including providing reputable companies to do the repairs and showing up when the repairs were done. On the other end, we purchased new construction so one would think there wasn’t a lot involved. However, they helped us get a GREAT price and helped us negotiate for items we would never thought to include in our offer. Through it all, they made us completely at ease with their quick response times (email and phone) and represented us with integrity and professionalism. We would use them again in a heartbeat!”Lori & Jason


As first time homebuyers we had plenty of questions that needed answers. Hilary and Darcie helped us every step of the way. Working together as a team, at least one of the two is available any day of the week.  We always received very quick responses from them, morning or night.  We were thankful for the opportunity to see multiple houses in one outing,  it allowed us to make a more informed decision by comparison.  We most of all appreciated how knowledgable hillary and darcie are about every aspect of the home buying process.  Their experience and the expertise derived from it was made clear from beginning to end.   For example, when we first started viewing houses we knew very little about house construction. Hilary gave us advice on many topics that was invaluable to us at the time.  Subjects ranging from concrete foundations, roofing, lead paint, hardwood flooring, plumbing, and much more.  We were able to avoid costly mistakes based on this info.  Then in the final stretch, at our signing, the escrow agent was unable to explain various  charges by the bank and other miscellaneous fees.  Darcie chimed in on numerous occasions with well articulated answers, allaying our confusion and putting our minds at ease.   I highly recommend Hilary and Darcie to anyone looking for a realtor.  They are a fantastic team to work with.  They are honest, kind, well-informed, professional, organized, and they work very hard.  Because we had the green team on our side, our first time home buying experience went smoothly and was much less stressful than we ever could have imagined.” —  Kendra & Adam


“I have worked with half a dozen different realtors over the years in several different cities (and “fired” at least one). Hilary and Darcie exhibit a combination of capabilities that I previously considered mutually exclusive: they are very professional, knowledgeable, responsible, and appropriately assertive AND they are super nice people who are enjoyable to work with. For example: We put in an offer on a house whose sellers weren’t using a realtor in order to save money. Right after we put in our offer someone else gave them a slightly better offer. The sellers wanted to work with us because of their interaction with Hilary – a very astute decision on their part. But wait – there’s more! We were buying a Portland house while still living 450 miles away in California. Hilary and Darcie showed us over 20 houses in 3 days when we came up for a week. They arranged it for maximum efficiency while showing us just enough properties each day to keep us from getting overwhelmed. To my surprise, we had a couple of houses we liked in the first couple of days. Everything after that was done with us in California, so Hilary and Darcie were our eyes and ears, not to mention our legs and sometimes brains! They recommended inspectors, set up appointments, communicated info to us, and generally did everything a great realtor would do while also cheerfully doing a few things that many realtors would not. We had a great relationship with the seller, and I suspect that was aided by the relationship Hilary established with them initially. BTW, don’t let their youthful appearance fool you. I would put Hilary and Darcie’s professionalism against anyone of any age (and I’m considerably older than they are).” — Tod & Cynthia


“Our search for a first home in Portland could not have gone more smoothly, thanks to Darcie and Hilary. We were moving to Portland from out-of-state and were hoping to minimize the number of trips to Portland due to a short timeline for our move, the challenges of traveling with a small child and an upcoming vacation that had been planned for months. With just a week’s notice of our trip to Portland, Darcie and Hilary made themselves available for a day of house-hunting and added some great houses to the list we’d compiled from the online listings. They pointed out things, both positive and negative, about each house along the way, and once we decided on a house were invaluable in helping us negotiate. Within a couple of days we had a signed contract. Hilary and Darcie handled all of the inspections for us remotely, worked with a local contractor to get estimates for the items the inspections found and also made suggestions as to what repairs we should ask the sellers to complete. They made us, as first-time homebuyers, comfortable at every step in the process and took care of all of the logistics for us so we were able to focus on our move (and vacation), rather than worrying about the numerous details of buying a home. We couldn’t be happier with our new home!” Gretchen & Rett


“Darcie and Hilary are a great team.  My family and I were relocating to Portland from out of state and really needed to work with a realtor that understood our needs and would work hard to help make our transition a success.  After a careful search, we were lucky to find Darcie and Hilary.   With them, we got two great realtors who worked for us as a seamless unit.  They were responsive and proactive throughout and also fun to work with.  They exceeded our expectations from start to finish and made it possible for us to close on just the kind of house we were looking for. I would not hesitate to recommend Darcie and Hilary to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.  They are real pros and will repay the trust you place in them with great results.” Joe & Emiko


“My wife and I recently relocated to the Portland area from California and can state categorically that we could not have found any better real estate agents to represent us than Darcie and HIlary. Darcie and Hilary are consummate professionals who turned what can be a daunting experience into a pleasure. Both were not only very savvy about the local area but provided excellent advice in regard to all phases of the real estate transaction, particularly the home inspection process. Both are excellent communicators and kept us informed with up-to-date information, and of any changes. All required paperwork was correctly filled out and submitted within designated time frames. What makes them so successful is that they are sensitive to the client’s needs. Darcie and Hilary work as a team, each highly skilled. Darcie and Hilary are not only professional but also patient, courteous, and each possesses a fine sense of humor. What I failed to mention above is that we were working with them long-distance, but they made the experience as smooth as if we were just across the street. My wife and I would, without any equivocation, recommend Darice and Hilary to anyone seeking representation in the real estate market. We know we will if that situation arises again; they are truly an Amazing Duo.” Ron & Linda


“Hilary and her partner Darcie did the impossible – they helped me buy the absolute right house for me while I was abroad. Everything they do is above and beyond; their standard is so much higher than anyone else out there, they are operating on their own stratosphere. I came to Portland in the summer to look at places to live when I decided I would move here from Boston. I met Hilary and Darcie and immediately, their friendly, knowledgeable, and warm demeanors won me over. I asked them to show me 2br/2b apartments/condos/houses and they did a remarkable job, to the point where it was hard for me to make a decision. But they were able to give me good pointers about which places would suit my lifestyle and still retain good resale value for the future. I continued to work with them through the summer and fall, but by that time, I had moved to Singapore, then Australia, then New Zealand. Through different continents and timezones, they were able to help me make decisions and meet deadlines as I made my first, and then my second offer on properties. To make things even more trying for them, I decided to go from a 2/2 to a 3br/2b house, which meant that we had to start from scratch. But with the patience of Job, as I picked out properties that I liked from their database, they would discuss the pros and cons of each property by email, then do a detailed walk-through and take photos of each place, then schedule a skype session to talk me through each property, and then we would come to a decision on whether or not to pursue each one. This was not an easy process. Of course, when we finally found THE HOUSE, I was just about to embark on a 4 day no-electronic communication trek through the NZ mountains. Let’s just say from the moment we made the offer to the day I got the key, every drama and cluster#$%^ that could arise arose (completely on my end) but Hilary and Darcie kept their cool, pushed when they had to, and comforted when they knew I needed it. They are my real estate saints and I cannot, CANNOT recommend them highly enough. Even after I moved in, I still called them for advice on plumbers, contractors, places to shop for furniture, etc. etc. and they have always been gracious and genuine. Now I’m in a house that I love, in a neighborhood that is incredible, all thanks to them. If you are even THINKING about buying a place, save yourself the trouble and just call them already.” May


“Hilary and Darcie or as we like to call them “Hilarcie” are a serious power couple, like that of Brangelina or Bennifer. They absolutely compliment each other in every way. My husband and I just moved to Vancouver from Germany and had no idea where to even start the process. I went on yelp, entered a search for “real estate agents” and there they were. Boy did we ever get lucky. They are amazing. Hilary was our main point of contact but they are absolutely a team. We went on all of our home tours together, they offered helpful information on all of the different Portland neighborhoods, knew what kind of construction to avoid and were above all else patient. Hilary is fun and friendly but also comfortable being tough when agents/owners are being douche bags. Darcie knows everything. I mean everything. She is an information extraordinaire. We found the perfect duplex in a great neighborhood for a price we are comfortable with and we had fun doing it. Buying a home, especially your first home, is stressful, but we came across a lot of really lame real estate agents and every time we did we were just so happy that we had these two on our side.” Crystal & Jeremy


“Hilary and Darcie were fantastic throughout my home buying process. Their knowledge of real estate in Portland and the various neighborhoods in the city helped me narrow my search.  And because of their familiarity with home inspections, they were able to point out potential problems I would have overlooked.  Also, because of their team approach, one of them was always available! Looking at homes was easy and fun with these two knowledgeable women.  And once I found a house I was interested in, they had all of the necessary paperwork ready to go.  They had a list of companies they recommended for the various inspections I’d need, and I used a number of their recommendations and was very pleased. The signing process was so easy because Hilary and Darcie were able to answer all of my questions and explain all of the fine print.  Even after the closing date, Hilary and Darcie made themselves available to me, offering recommendations on general contractors and electricians for some repairs I needed done. These two have such a wonderful, personable approach to real estate.  I never felt pressured to buy, and I always felt comfortable requesting a last minute showing and asking their opinions. Hilary and Darcie are skilled agents who invest in their clients and are invested in their communities.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.” Alex


“After contacting a real estate agent and booking flights from Virginia to Portland to buy a house, the real estate agent stopped answering our emails. My husband and I were in a bit of a bind but Darcie immediately agreed to be our new agent. Darcie and her business partner Hilary Bourassa were fun to look at houses with and were informative about each property we looked at. Darcie has an eye for possible problems with a house and has an excellent home inspector that she works with. She answered every email with lightening fast speed and she and Hilary always were on the same page. She navigated the very complicated maze of house buying with ease and exceptional knowledge. She is friendly and incredibly patient and really fun to work with. Contact Darcie or Hilary if you are in need of a real estate agent and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” Gary & Susan


“Darcie and her business partner Hilary made our home-buying experience in Portland a complete pleasure. Highly recommend! We started initially working with Darcie based on her strong Yelp recommendations. After an initial meeting, we quickly felt comfortable. Darcie is confident, knowledgable, responsive, savvy, and a great communicator. We really felt like she listened first to what we were looking for in a house before speaking and providing her thoughts. She has great knowledge of all of the various neighborhoods around Portland and Beaverton and provides the background or links for further information about location and schools. Darcie and Hilary do a great job keeping each other updated, so we never felt like we would have to re-explain anything we discussed with one to the other. A great team! Buying a house in a completely new area can be intimidating. The process is long and complex, and the stakes are high. We felt that Darcie and Hilary were definitely on top of every detail and on our side. They know about different house constructions and materials, can identify potential problems, and really take a close look at every corner of a house during a showing. They’re not afraid to point out potential concerns to you, either. They made sure we were aware of all of our options at each step in the purchase process, and also knew how we could best protect ourselves as we were progressing through the home buying stages. Another great thing they bring to the table is a good relationship with several local contractors whom they can ask to estimate how much a particular repair might cost, if you’d like. Overall, our house search took about five months to complete. I don’t think things could have gone any better with Darcie & Hilary’s patience, knowledge, encouragement, responsiveness, and professionalism. Thanks so much!” Andi & Cynthia


“Darcie and Hilary are a real estate tag team extraordinaire! This was my first home purchase in over 14 years. I sold my last home in 2002 and have been renting since then. The housing market has changed drastically in 8 years and Darcie and Hillary navigated an intense home buying experience with compassionate professionalism. From the time my new home was listed, to the flooded basement walk through, both Hilary and Darcie brought me back to reality and kept in constant contact. Since they tag team their clients, I never had a moment where I couldn’t reach one of them. They both work with their current clients and therefore both know the details of each transaction. I feel that I’m extremely lucky to have found them on Yelp and hope that all potential clients who read this can rest assured this team works for you and with you. Darcie and Hilary, you two are amazing! Thank you!” Terri


“Darcie and Hilary are an unstoppable typhoon of real estate awesomness! My wife and I were looking for our first home, and they were unbelievably helpful & patient.  They were tough with the other agent when we needed that, offered perspective, and are about as knowledgeable as realtors can be about Portland real estate.  They totally understand what you want and work tirelessly to help you get it. During and after the sale they also made helpful recommendations about home improvements, and got us in contact with honest and hardworking contractors. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a real estate agent.” Adam


“I’m writing this review from my new home! I wouldn’t have this amazing house if it weren’t for Darcie. My husband and I looked for a home for over a year. Then we met Darcie. Within one month we found our dream home. (Complete with recording studio, garden/fire pit, and hardwood floors!) Before finding Darcie, I interviewed multiple agents with stellar reputations but none of them felt quite right. On a whim, I checked yelp for suggestions and found Darcie and Hilary (they work as a team.) I was a bit skeptical since I had not had a personal recommendation. Luckily, when I met them for coffee I was totally blown away with their level of warmth, professionalism and knowledge. Not only did they have thoughtful answers to my cheesy questions (developed from reading dozens of books like “100 questions every first time home buyer should ask,”) but they were genuine–these were folks who choose the real estate business to help others not just to make a quick buck in between careers. For each home I viewed, Darcie went the extra mile. She was always prepared with background information and was very hands on and would get down on her hands and knees to lift up air duct vents to check for hardwood floors and climb down into dark basements to take a peak at the foundation.  My husband was frequently out of town and greatly appreciated Darcie’s highly advanced technical skills for touching base over video chat or e-mailing PDF’s for signatures etc.–a real lifesaver. After working with Darcie and Hilary, I rave to all of my friends about the advantages of working with a real estate team. Unlike other agents, you never get stuck with an assistant and there is always someone available to answer your questions show homes any day of the week. Best of all, you get the expertise of two fantastic people for the price of one! Overall, I respect and admire Darcie’s dedication, and talent. She charmed us with her expertise, warmth and witty car conversation in between visits to homes. AND Darcie found us our dream home, saved us money, and exceeded all of our expectations in the process. I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Darcie–she rocks!” Kate


“Hilary and her business partner, Darcie, were everything we hoped for! My mister and I first got in touch with Hilary and Darcie after reading all the glowing reviews here on Yelp… and now that they’ve helped us purchase our first home (an adorable artist’s cottage surrounded by gardens!!), I am happy to return to Yelp to join in the fanfare! Working with Hilary and Darcie made buying our first home a really smooth process.  They were always very available and timely, were happy to let us house-hunt at a pace that was comfortable for us,  did a flawless job at communicating with us and with each other so that everyone was always informed and on the same page.  They were both incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy, so each time we viewed a house, we felt our questions were answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. More than anything, though, these lovely ladies were so genuine, supportive, and a pleasure to spend time with.  Their hearts are in the right place and we wouldn’t have wanted to share our home-buying process with anyone else.  We HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!!” Amy & Lonnie


“Hilary and Darcie were terrific! We began our home search like typical Yelp users: We thought the Internet could guide us through the home-buying process, and we’d be able to figure it all out on our own. But we quickly discovered that it was just too complicated and time-consuming, and that we needed professional help. Enter Hilary and Darcie, whose knowledge and expertise were invaluable in guiding us every step of the way through the purchase of our home. One of the best things about team Hilary/Darcie is their amazing dedication and responsiveness. From our very first introduction to the final closing, they responded to our (many) e-mails/calls with amazing alacrity and attentiveness. There are many time-sensitive steps involved in the purchase of a home, and it was a great peace-of-mind knowing that Hilary/Darcie always had their iphone/blackberry at-hand and could provide expert advice at a moment’s notice. Their tech-savviness was a huge plus, as they steered us toward the best online resources and effortlessly handled the challenge of scanning/emailing/faxing a bazillion digital documents. When we fell in love with a foreclosed property, they didn’t hesitate to jump right in and navigate the tenuous process. We were up against stringent bank deadlines and a difficult selling agent, but Hilary/Darcie made sure we had a voice. They also made a point not to sugar coat the process just to speed things along — they genuinely wanted us to find the right home and were honest and upfront about the pros and cons of every decision, educating us every step of the way and always acting in our best interest. We couldn’t have done it without their tremendous help. Their timeliness, attentiveness, and good humor made a tense and stressful process seem like a breeze.  We HIGHLY recommend Hilary and Darcie as buyer’s agents — you won’t be disappointed!” Bret & Claire


“Finding” Hilary was serendipitous.  As a first-time homebuyers, we didn’t have a clue about how to navigate the real estate terrain.  We were stumbling into open houses, scanning the internet abyss and randomly making away with For Sale flyers.  It was hit-or-miss at best and we knew the really great houses were going before we even got to them.  Along the way we met lots of brokers who wanted to be our agent.  We amassed a pile of business cards and even a contract we were being pressured to sign, but no one seemed to fit us, that is until we met Hilary.  We were so impressed by her knowledge, sincerity and genuinely warm spirit.  I vividly remember flipping over her business card and reading her philosophy about giving back to the community.  We knew we had found our girl.  Our official house-hunting had begun and we looked at many homes over many months, trying to find the perfect balance between price, condition and location.  Other agents would have lost patience with us, but Hilary continued to make herself available to open doors and to answer the other end of phone calls, emails or instant texts.  Darcie joined Enjoy the Green about 3/4th through our house search and it was like witnessing the most well-orchestrated tag team.  They work together beautifully, complimenting one another’s strengths to make-up one incredible pair.  Hilary and Darcie are the real estate broker Super Duo of Portland.  Hilary can read a house like nobody’s business and she’s got a pulse on the beat of any neighborhood in town.  She’s big picture and forward thinking.  She can see where the market will be jumping in 5, 10, 20 years.  Darcie is a mountain lion.  She’s sharp, fearless and commanding like one who knows the real estate biz.  Both are advocates for their clients and for the greater good.  Above all we consider them our friends.” Tonya & Seth


“Darcie and Hilary were amazing! It’s pretty unnerving to try to navigate through your first home purchase, but Darcie and Hilary helped relieve the headaches.  We found the home we wanted (LOVE IT!), at the price we wanted to pay.  They took care of the negotiations without subjecting us to the stress that entails.  They took care of the showings, offers/counteroffers, repairs etc without adding headache or heartache to our process. Through every step of the way we knew they had our back, and best interests in mind.  I would strongly recommend that anyone thinking about purchasing a home interview Darcie and Hilary and make the determination for themselves. I also love the fact that they donate a percentage of their commission to a local charity or cause of your choosing.  All in all they definitely earned five stars with us.  We couldn’t be happier with our home, the price, or the process.  I was kind of concerned when we set out to buy a house that I would end up feeling like I left a used-car lot, but that is certainly not the case.   They are an amazingly dynamic duo… props to them both. Anyway, can’t say enough about them.  They have two VERY satisfied new homeowners here in St Johns!” — Jenn & Tyler


“Hilary and Darcie were amazing to work with. They were great communicators, something that put us at ease being first time sellers. They were also very creative in marketing our house and had genuine understanding for the market for our house. Having realtors who understand not just the house but the neighborhood is so important to us. We would love work with Darcie and Hilary again!” – Coral & Juan


“Thanks again for all of your help in finding the perfect place. We are all so happy here! I had heard horror stories about realtors, the process, how I could NEVER get a loan and how I should go about it in a very distrusting way – separate/unknown inspectors, mortgage brokers etc. It was so nice to be working with people I felt I could trust – your ethics, your mission, the way you work together – my intuition was right on! I love seeing and working with smart, successful women. The two of you (and Dakota) made a complicated process easy.” – Mindy


“My mom’s a realtor, so I know that a lot of clients fall in love with their realtors, irrespective of how good they are.  After all, this is the person who helps you navigate successfully through a very stressful part of your life.  And yes, Hilary is an amazing person who lives her values and she’s the kind of person you would be lucky to count as one of your friends.  But more important to this review, Hilary is an expert real estate agent.  She will work hard, act in your best interests, do every single thing that she promises you and she is absolutely ethical.   Another great advantage of working with Hilary is that she and her partner Darcie work together to ensure that one of them is always available to help each of their shared clients. I’ve bought two houses in the past, and Hilary and Darcie are absolutely the most competent real estate agents I’ve ever met.  With their help, I bought my dream house in Portland and I recommended Hilary to a friend who just did the same. Whether you’re buying or selling your first house or your fifth, I strongly recommend that you meet with Hilary and Darcie, along with all the other agents that your family and friends are likely to recommend to you.  You won’t find more competent and ethical real estate agents.” – Michelle


“Darcie was a great support throughout the home-buying process. It was indispensable to have such a knowledgeable, unbiased guide to gently point out the positive and negative aspects of the houses we looked at. We never felt pressured into making an offer. When we did enter into a transaction, Darcie was always thinking three steps ahead and was especially helpful with having us (and the other parties) fill out the paperwork in a timely fashion. She was very responsive, finding out the answers to our (many) questions almost instantaneously. She was a great help during the inspection period, when she obtained several free quotes on repairs that needed to be done, and she ultimately negotiated a fair deal with the sellers on our behalf. Darcie has a great relationship with her real estate partner, who was more than willing and able to take up our cause–and treat us like her own clients–while Darcie was briefly out of town. We were also delighted to learn that Darcie is committed to bettering the community by donating a portion of her commission to a local charity of our choice. We HIGHLY recommend Darcie as a buyer’s agent. She made the experience not only stress-free but also enjoyable!” – Jayson & Cindy


“Hilary & Darcie rock!! I had spent the better part of a year attempting to sell my house ‘by owner.’  Through a mutual friend, I met Hilary and Darcie, and they began emailing/telling me a LOT of good advice.  After hearing a few things that they had to say, it became painfully apparent that they know a hell of a lot about real estate, and I hired them.  Two months later, my house was sold and I got *more* than my asking price. Hilary and Darcie went way above and beyond what they needed to in order to get my house sold.  They dealt with my contractors when I didn’t have the time or patience.  They got permits taken care of.  They loaned me furniture out of their *own* homes to help me stage my house Working with Hilary and Darcie was a great experience for me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as Realtors.” – Zac